What is an Adult Day Care Program?
An adult day care program is a group program designed to provide care and supervision to meet the needs of five (5) or more functionally impaired adults for periods of less than twenty-four (24) hours but more than two (2) hours per day in a place other than the adult’s own home.

What can an Adult Day Program do for my loved one?
Offer socialization and activities to benefit their emotional and mental well-being.

What can adult day care do for me as the caregiver?
Offer you a much needed break to take care of yourself

Are there agencies that might help cover the cost?
Yes, Helping Hands of Vegas Valley, Alzheimer’s Association, Veterans Administration to name a few.

What activities do you plan to offer?
Our programs are geared more toward brain exercises, we ask the clients to identify with colors. We have memory games. Sit and be fit to the music which is sitting exercises with music, karaoke, reading time where we will read to them. We have story sharing socials.  Most importantly our programs will be geared to fit the clients’ needs.

How many adults may a licensed facility care for at one time?
Ray of Sunshine is licensed for 20 adults at one time.